Thursday, February 18, 2010
So Today I was just googling random stuff
and i can across this ADORABLE little easter bunnie thing!
click here to see it!
if you cant click on it then just cut and paste it up in the bar thingy instead!
I know that the adress is really long and makes no sense but click it!
any way I guess easter isnt till april which about two months away but still!
Just so you know MY BIRTHDAY is in april as well so I'm very excited!
and dance in the light of the moon,
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
So. Here I am.
Finally Posting. Finally Allowing you people to read what i think.
Or something along those lines....
Here's a short recap of what i have been doing':
1.Staying up till midnight to watching the Olympics.
2.Reading the Percy Jackson Books!!!! Some of the best books ever.
3.Saw the Percy Jackson Movie.
4.Talked about how much they messed up the book!
5.Planning my birthday party!!!! (my birthdays in April!(which is soon) !!!)
6.jumping on my trampoline! gotta perfect that Round of and my front flip!
7. Hagin with my peeps! (daisy and baloney)

so as you can see I haven't been blogging lately! but have no fear. Not remembering to blog is one of my fatal Flaws*! but i shall work on it! i swear upon the river Styx**!
any WHO I Love anyone who Read this!
and dance in the light of the moon!

*= A Percy Jackson reference (read the books and you'll understand!)
**= Greek Myths tells of a river that runs through the under world. in Percy Jackson (instead of piny swearing) they swear upon the river Styx!
(i don't know how to pronounce it either!)
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Monday, January 11, 2010
2010 has turned out great for me!
not to brag or anything but my life in pretty much the bomb right know!
This weeks been full of laughter, jokes and funniness!
here are the funniest lines I've heard this week:

Watch out for the flying fat ducks.. you never know were there coming from!
~My daddy!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! an eight year old mugging a teen! the insanity of it all!
~ME while hanging with my peeps*

Then it ran at him.. with his crazy squirrel in hand!
~ okay so I made that one up on the spot.
sue me.

well that's only some of it caus my lifes so...Laughable! so i hope you enjoyed!
and dance in the light of the moon!
Grace. (I'm flying!)
P.S I'm going to start posting pictures so brace yourself.
my lifes weird looking!

*= My sisters Hope and Andie.
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Thursday, December 31, 2009
I've always seen the new year as an oppertunity to set goals and make changes.
Whats your new years goal?
I mean really think about it.
dont just go with the plain old:
eat healthier.
i swear that one has been done TO MANY TIMES.
what do you want the most?
by this time next year how do you see yourself?
really think about all these questions and try to answer them.
i for one have not decided yet.
and i have till midnight to think.
dont rush to your answers.
just hangt out with it for a while.
and Dance in the light of the moon.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009
This is my First blog.
I'm not the best "blogger" in the world but in the words of jack Black:

"beacause I know it, and I can party with it I can find my other strenths"

I should have warned you.
I'm probaly very confusing!
I can rock out to ACDC all night
or I can sit in a tree and talk to the Moon.
I love myself just the way I am.
I would never want my self in any other way!

Flying is my life.
my dream.
preetty much my all.

I know its big talk from a ten year old.
But no one can stop me from reaching my goal.

and dance in the light of the moon,
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